Download Registry Cleaner provides an overall system protection. As the name suggests it offers all the antivirus solutions in one kit. It comes with a two year license, that needs to be renewed henceforth. It can only be installed on one system only.

Minimum System requirements

The antivirus can be installed on a system which has the following features, viz.

  • Windows 7 or a higher operating system.

  • 1 GHz processor.

  • 1 GB RAM.

  • Steady internet connection


Download Registry Cleaner  ensures efficient utilization of memory and processor. It monitors system performance and immediately fixes problems. The antivirus searches for viruses in legitimate channels and neutralizes potential threats. It automatically scans foreign devices whenever they are plugged in.

Parental control

It allows parents to keep an eye on the browsing. It also allows them to block explicit content.

Behavioral protection

Download Registry Cleaner antivirus uses behavioral protection to search and neutralize potential virus attacks. Many viruses go undetected because of their different behavior. The next generation two-way firewall prevents unauthorized access to internet connections. It also monitors web activity and secures system accordingly.


Download Registry Cleaner uses anti-spamming to prevent spams from reaching the inbox. To allow safe browsing it isolates web browsers from operating systems. The anti-malware approach allows it to scan system in real time and neutralizes probable threats.


Download Registry Cleaner  encrypts chat data on Yahoo messenger. It uses Safe-Box feature to encrypt important data and saves it at a secured location. Download Registry Cleaner  provides 2GB free space on its cloud storage. It can be used to keep back-up and important files. It also neutralizes spyware attacks preventing data corruption. The antivirus also allows users to remotely manage other systems. It also uses internet resources to fix problems.