An antivirus is like a shield. It protects the system from unwanted and unauthorized access. It also prevents virus attacks like malware, trojan etc. Generally a system is not standalone. At some point or the other it gets into contact with foreign world through internet, pen drives and other devices. The more advanced is an antivirus, the better a system will work. The latest in the market is Download Registry Cleaner. The antivirus kit can only be installed on one system at a time and comes with a one year license.

Advanced features

Download Registry Cleaner is similar in look and feel to its previous version. It is also easy to install. The company Symantec has made various improvements in its features and interface. The antivirus engine has been improved. The SONAR that sits behind the user interface has been modified. The engine is enabled to shut down any unwanted intrusion. It stops any type of malware attack and protects the system and data from corrupting. Many a times malware enters the system through legitimate processes but PC Cleaner hunts it down and neutralizes it.

It repairs the system and increases its efficiency and working capacity. A system works flawlessly if it is free on virus which generally does not happen. PC Cleaner also uses internet resources to repair and fight any type of attack. It prevents the system from corrupting and breaking down. Another major change is in the Identity safe feature. This feature manages passwords and prevents unauthorized access. The interface of this system has been revamped. Now users can directly search for logins using the toolbar. The feature also supports the drag and drop on its form filler interface.

System requirements

Download Registry Cleaner can be installed on any Windows XP or higher operating system. It requires a processor of 1 GHz along with minimum 1 GB RAM because the recovery requires 512 MB RAM.