Free PC Cleaner software Antivirus has been marked as “All in One” internet security program. The multipack includes three products in one set: The combined #securitypack is quite compatible with the PCs, android devices and tablets.

Scam Insight:

Free PC Cleaner software has an inbuilt intelligence to review website’s reputation. This application lets the users know about whether it is safe to enter personal information like name, #emailaddress etc. in the requested forum or not.

Update Latest Product Version:

Free PC Cleaner software informs the users about feature updates and important products throughout the year. Users can easily install the latest #productversion with stepwise instructions.

Threat Removal Layer:

The latest internet security program targets all hard to remove critical issues and remove the threats at a faster rate than the other security programs.

Two Way Firewall protection:

Cyber criminals target the personal information like bank account, password, and social security numbers for their benefits. Free PC Cleaner software #Internetsecurity plan provides smart 2 way firewall protection to your personal data from all such types of digital cybercrimes.

Safe Personal Identity:

UsingFree PC Cleaner software, your online personal identity like credit card details will remain safe and secure during internet access. Your credentials like password and username will automatically get saved for the favorite websites.

Report Spams:

Free PC Cleaner software intelligence helps the users to identify dangerous and infected files and spams. For such links, they will immediately get notification via emails or messages.

Scream Alarm & Remote Locator:

The advanced location trace and scream alarm feature alerts the users to the location of misplaced tablet, iPhone, iPad or android smartphone.

Vulnerability Protection:

PC cleaner pro software guards the security holes in applications, operating system, browser plugin, browsers to prevent cybercrimes.