Many people are usually not aware about the functioning of window registry and so they never use registry software to clean their pc. So first understand what is registry?  The registry is just a storehouse for all the operating system and software options and location on a PC. When you keep on installing new programs, the window registry keeps on growing and there is a situation when your pc becomes unstable and thus pc cleaner is needed to clean the pc.

Problems faced by PC

There are several problems faced by our pc due to unstable registry. Let us have a look on some of these problems:

  • Slow speed of PC
  • Software malfunctions
  • Several error messages
  • Inefficient system performance

You must notice all these types of problems many a times and the very first you do is to call a technician or take your pc to the technician but to be frank it’s just a waste of money as you can repair your pc at home by yourself without wasting a penny of yours.

You must be familiar with the fact that pc cleaner software not only cleans your pc and remove the error messages but it fixes the whole registry. There are several pc cleaner software’s you can find now a days. You can easily download the pc cleaner software using internet and the installation process is also very simple. After installing the cleaner on your pc just give the command and then all the task is performed by the software you just need to watch and do nothing. The software cleans your pc automatically but there are also settings in which you can clean the pc manually so it’s all upon your choice. What really matters is cleaning the pc and increasing its speed and performance.

You must also know that there are several pc cleaner that are available free of cost so if you are using the cleaner for the first time you can go for free pc cleaner. But choose the one having good online reviews because may be that free cleaner cost you more than the paid one.