Using a computer can be a real pleasant experience when you have just purchased a new machine. However, this experience tends to get frustrating as well as boring once you use it on a daily basis. This is partly due to the reason that when you are using your computer for performing day to day tasks, the computer tends to create some temporary files for the system to function properly. These temporary files are often stored in the computer’s deepest parts as a deep dark secret that cannot be discovered by the user. These files cannot be deleted manually and one needs to install PC Cleaner Pro to get rid of these unwanted files.

The problem with these files is that they are temporary and yet occupy a large amount of space on the system and tend to slow it down considerably. These files often known as cache files or residual files are often small in size when you look at the individual files, but when millions of such files come together they can make your computer really sick and slow. These files pose several threats to your computer processing speeds as well as your security. The residual files are more likely to be collected on the computer if you often browse the internet using it. Some of these files are known as cookies and can pose a credible threat to your identity on the internet. People often use the internet to conduct transactions worth a lot of money and these cookies, if not removed from time to time, can actually be a potential threat to your passwords.

There is no way to prevent the formation of cookies and the residual files altogether but there are ways in which you can clean your system of these unwanted files to make it faster and safer for you to use. Using simple PC Cleaner pro software can clean your system off of these unwanted files with the help of a single click. Using a pro (professional) software will also give you access to which parts of the files you want to keep and deletes the rest. This allows you to have a complete access to your computer’s memory and RAM usage.