PC Cleaners is a single solution by which users can protect their multiple devices at one time. As one of the best antivirus programs for the multi-devices, the product has many unique features. The product allows the users to surf, bank and shop safely with any device they use.

Accessibility to Multi-Device

Installing PC Cleaners security program, users can protect various devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets. Along with Mac and #Windowscomputers, the software also supports Apple iOS and Android devices.

Advanced Technical Support

If you face any problem regarding installation or usage of the product, then they can contact staff members via different #communicationmodes i.e. phone, email or by live chat.

Product Activation Key

With the help of the single activation key, users can set up protection for all their devices from a single screen after installing application.

Active Internet Protection System

Through an active internet protection system, the product removes all the suspicious links of the websites and social networking sites before they approach your device. The internet protection system continuously works to recognize the latest social networking viruses. Along with this, it automatically blocks the unwanted and fraudulente mails to enter the accounts of the users.

Automatic Product Downloads and Installation

For complete system protection, the automatic product downloads and installation feature of Norton Antivirus work even when the users are not using their system. It auto-downloads and installs all the latest security applications to the system.