It’s the time to get answers in regard to the difference between the available security software on the market by antivirus comparison. There is lots of antivirus protection software that promises to be the best, but in reality they aren’t. It’s very crucial to pick the best antivirus protection software for your system.

Privacy protection antivirus software is such a computer program that identifies and eliminates all the harmful programs such as: Viruses, Worms, Malware, Bots, and Spyware. The program will explore the hard drive for damaging programs and will deactivate, or remove those programs.  Most of the antivirus software available on the market is offering an auto update, this feature will add the virus names and the way to deal with them, and so the antivirus can easily detect any new bad programs.  The latest versions of the antivirus programs can detect the viruses easily, by the way it function that is known as heuristic algorithm used in the conjunction with auto update.

PC Cleaner is one such amazing antivirus that offers an antivirus plus firewall, along with Antispyware. All those antivirus programs available on the market won’t offer this. PC Cleaner several advanced protection features.

Privacy protection antivirus  is especially designed to contend with and remove threats while browsing the web and offline as well.  Internet security adds up all the protection tools under single roof.  Internet security is a cooperative of tools that shield the computer against the usual threats of surfing the web, it is include:

  • Scan Email

  • Identity Protection

  • Firewall

  • Parental Control

  • Keep file information private

  • Password Protection

  • Real-time notices

  • Antiroot kit

  • Antispam

  • Conversation Encryptions

  • Antivirus (which protect against Viruses, Malware, Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Bots)

  • Antiphishing and more.

Internet security is highly recommended for all computer uses, since it is a complete protection package.