PC cleaners Pro has launched its latest internet security edition with interesting key technologies that not only support system protection from unknown and dangerous threats but also boost up its performance level. With advanced features, Pc Cleaner #antivirus applications have proven the best security essentials for home and business systems.

Cloud Based Control:

With Cloud based control in Account, users can fix, install, update and renew the #internetsecurity package.

Network Defense Layer Protection:

The advanced network defense feature in PC Cleaner Pro program hinders all types of #onlinethreats before they try to make any false or unauthorized approach to your system.

Rapid Updates:

download PC cleaner software updates the security status after every 5 to 15 minutes. The rapid pulse updates effectively protect the system from crime ware and latest threats.

Intelligence Driven Insight Technology:

PC cleaner pro current edition has fast insight features that target dangerous, external and suspicious files. The whitelisting technology cuts all the scanning time and thus make the process faster. Installing this software, users will also come to know how files affect the speed of system, and how we can improve the system performance with the #securityprogram.

Five Patented Layer Protection:

The latest protection plan offers secured five patented layer protection to discover and eliminate the cyber threats more accurately and quickly than the other technologies.

Silent Mode:

Users who want don’t want any interruption during their work, games or movies, they can operate the silent mode for the alerts and updates.

Recovery Tools:

The latest recovery tools help to restore important data, documents, photos, movies and other files. It creates an emergency USB/DVD that recovers all the data when your PC get hanged or don’t work properly.


PC cleaner pro scans instant messengers and emails for malicious websites, links, attachments and cybercriminal tricks. In this way, it protects your #personalidentity and credit card information.