PC Cleaner Pro is the first antivirus that is compatible with a variety of devices, viz. laptops, tablets, PCs, smartphones etc. It is the first cross platform antivirus that can be used to cover your Android, Mac, iOS and Windows devices. This edition of Norton 360 can be installed on 3 devices at one time but the license needs to be renewed every year.

Identity safe

This is one of the most notable features of PC Cleaner. Using this feature you can save your passwords and login information. You can also prevent unwanted access. The feature is easy to use and doesn’t have any complexity. You can search logins using the toolbar present on the home screen. Identity safe feature also supports drag and drop on form fillers page.

SONAR engine

PC Cleaner Pro has modified its antivirus engine SONAR. It has improved the interface and features of the antivirus software. The SONAR enables users to search and destroy malware. It identifies potential threats and neutralizes them. It removes suspicious files and keeps system and its content safe.  

Parental control

The antivirus software allows them to keep a tab on the sites browsed by their children. They can block sites and prevent children from accessing them. They can also control which sites and information can be visible. PC Cleaner makes use of internet to renew, fix and restore system settings. It uses its internet resources to fix problems. It allows users to access its cloud computing service which can be used keep a backup and maintain system integrity.

System requirements

To install PC Cleaner on your Windows devices you’ll need Windows XP operating system or a higher version. For Mac, you’ll need OS X 10.7 or its successor. For Android powered devices the edition needs to higher than 2.2 and for iOS devices 4.3 or higher is required.