In the world where unprotected computers yield to virus infestations within a short time, the minimum safety requirement is antivirus software that will provide online virus scan.

The real advantage of anti-virus protection is precisely related to the consequences of not having free antivirus software. The internet is not at all a secure place by any of the means, and even the most tech-savvy users have a comparatively high probability of downloading some or the other type of malware or becoming the sufferer of an identity-stealing scam simply by going online occasionally.

The best virus protection is that which blocks access to all those infected links that being clicked previously. All those malicious links or e-threats that are sent on Facebook and other social network are also blocked by PC Cleaner Pro.

PC Cleaner pro is efficient enough in analyzing & blocking the sites supporting credit card phishing and different scams attempts in 3 different systems for 1 complete year.

PC Cleaner is a flagship product, which has been equipped with additional features such as-

  • File encryption,

  • Secure backup,

  • AutoPilot,

  • Rescue Mode and

  • Browser virtualization.

PC Cleaner is backed with efficiency and the affordability users enjoy with this is simply unmatched and moreover unachievable with else. Touted to be the most affordable alternative, lucrative features and functionality which is free from glitches is enough to drive any user to test this and experience ease and convenience that is otherwise not that easy to achieve. Installing this system is like getting the complete value for money, spent on the same. Most enterprises and websites rely on download pc cleaner software completely. You can initially opt for antivirus free trial to know more about how this software work to protect your systems smartly.