Looking for Reliable Internet Security Plan? For the past many years, Free PC Cleaner has been providing the best products for the internet security that not only provide safety for the digital data but also monitor the overall access by the users. One can effectively manage the online activities by using PC Cleaner pro antivirus that includes web protection, firewall, cloud anti-spam, vulnerability scanners, backup for corporate users and many more.

Protection from Viruses

The internet security plan helps to detect the active viruses, online threats by the regular monitoring process. This product also includes additional benefits like anti-spam, system optimization techniques, internet connection control etc.

Reduce Spam Cases

Using security plan, you will get virtual protection from the spam and fraud cases. This product will not only protect your credential information, but also ceases the unwanted mails entering your inbox.

Social Media Security

PC Cleaner products assist in social activities by identifying the URLS that directs to the safe and secure access. It gives secure sharing options on the social platform. It also warns the users to access the websites that are unsafe.

Virtualized Browser

It isolates the web browser from the operating system. In this way, it protects the system from the viruses, infected files and broken document.

Two Way Firewall

This product helps to monitor system internet connections and keep the strangers away from the Wi-Fi connection.

Redeem Mode

For the restoration and cleanup process, this software will restart the computer in a trusted environment.

Optimized Speed

There will be no effect on the system performance as the scanning process operates only when your PC is idle.

Privacy of Your Personal Data

Using this software, you will get complete protection for your personal data like files, photos, documents etc. With personal data filter process, it provides safety for the critical data and secure your files. Moreover, it also blocks the websites that support spams, credit card spoofing and phishing attempts.