Over time of usage, your personal computer often tends to accumulate hefty amounts of redundant data that slow it down considerably. In order to clean this unwanted data, it is often advisable for you to have a PC cleaner software installed into your system. Not only do the software clean off your computer of the unwanted data, but also they can remove certain clogs and harmful files that if accumulated in a larger than usual amount can cause a computer breakdown.

Another important function of this kind of software is to ensure that your browsing history and saved passwords are easily cleared by a single click. Hence cleaning your PC with the help of these software allows you to be protected to a certain extent by clearing your PC off the saved passwords and potential security risks.

There are several PC cleaner software that is available on the internet for free that perform these functions efficiently. The PC cleaner software does have its own pros and cons.


  • Allows you to remove junkware and bloatware applications that come pre-installed in your system.
  • Customize the applications that you want to clean. This means that if you want to delete the history of one browser but not the next, you can choose to do so.
  • Removes the temporary cache files and cleans the TEMP folder which can accumulate data of several gigabytes over time.
  • Allows you to run a thorough scan that can clean the entire pc with one click so that you do not have to open each folder separately to delete the unwanted files.
  • Removes trial version software automatically after the expiration date.
  • Cleans the system in order to remove the useless applications or stop them as they can consume excess amounts of battery on your portable computer.
  • Removes small potential threats and viruses in certain cases protecting the general functioning of your personal computer.
  • Can do all the above-mentioned processes automatically in a regular routine if asked to do so.


  • The major problem with the software can be that it can remove saved passwords and also important saved history permanently. However, the software often warns you before you start your clean-up.

You can download free pc cleaner software and boost the life and speed of your computer.