The registry of a computer is where all your important data gets stored as well as the place where the hardware and the software necessary to run your computer exists. It is very much like a huge library in which you have several archives with separate sections to keep the specific books. In case the library is not well maintained it will take up a lot of your time to find a book, but in case it is well organized you will take only a few minutes. Similarly, when it comes to the computer, maintaining this library/registry is a crucial task in order to ensure that your computer finds the files that you require fast.

A registry is a place that is usually not accessible to a user and moreover, it contains several thousands of codes of lines that the normal masses do not understand. Deleting a certain part of a registry can cause severe damage to your system and also cause your entire system to fail abruptly or crash repeatedly. So, it is better not to touch the registry. Now, the question arises about how to actually clean something that you cannot touch or access? The answer is simple, hire a maid. A professional cleaner will ensure that all the books in the library are safe and in their positions while the library is cleaned off the unwanted books. Only the maid and the librarian know which books are important and which are not. So it is better to leave the task of clean up to them.

By now the euphemism should be clear. When we talk about the library we are talking about the registry of a computer and when we talk about the maid/librarian we talk about the PC Cleaner software. In order to have a clean registry that is free of the unwanted residual files as well as the ones that pose a potential threat to your security, you can download one of the several free software available online. Download PC Cleaner pro to clean the system without the risk of deleting important files from your registry and also make your computer work faster.