Privacy protection is quite important to protect yourself online as well as offline too. Installing a privacy protection software does not mean you have planned something wrong; it is a wise decision to stand up for your right to privacy online. This privacy protection antivirus program is also good for erasing and shredding data from your PC so that you can safely recycle it further.

Every privacy eraser uses a file shredder and wiper so that it can permanently remove some files from your PC beyond recovery. The file shredder program exactly wipes a file in a similar manner a piece of paper being shredded. The data still remains intact, but it has been broken down and scattered into a number of small files that are functionally indecipherable and virtually impossible to put back together. The Privacy protection antivirus software allows the user to customize how many passes they want it to take while overwriting the files. In this process, a file is buried under so much nonsense data; that its original information is virtually unrecoverable.slider-1

The Privacy protection antivirus software keeps your internet activity private and prevents from identity theft. This antivirus program deletes the internet history, hides or wipes out traces that the computers save during and after browsing sessions so that other users cannot follow your tracks. This antivirus also cleans the user’s Windows activities. These features keep others from gaining access to your online activities and mask your computer activity.

This antivirus program typically performs the same tasks, such as wiping Windows, internet browsers and applications, with some variance in the techniques they make your internet use private and a pleasant experience. Each program has a different feature set, with only some offering free space wiping, removable media wiping and email cleaning. Most of the applications clear information from all internet browsers, that the reason the user need to make sure if the browser cleaner works with the most recent plugin for your internet browser or not.