Every system that is used amasses junk which slows down the efficiency of your computer. But you can remove these junk data from your computer by using a pc cleaner. They help to reduce program crashes and long waiting between program launches. If you search pc cleaner software on any search engines you would get millions of sites. Perhaps you always rely on those that appear on the front page. Some of them are good while others are fake. You must have probably made a list of these software already but how can you decide the best one to pick? Stay with us and let us take you through tips on how to find a quality pc cleaner for your system.


  • Check out the rating

One way to know how good the software works is by checking its rating on Tucow. Tucow is an independent site that involves in rating of various kinds of computer software. They award their rating in numbers of cow. The highest possible numbers of cow is five. So check out the names of the software you have highlighted on this website and see their rating. If a company has a good rating with them, then it is good software. And it does not then you know the software is not meant for you. But make sure you are buying from a company with five cows.

  • Ensure it is user friendly

No matter how many cows a cleaner might have, it would be totally useless if you don’t understand the basic operations. A good cleaner must be user friendly with an easy interface. It would be waste of money and time if it is useless to you. You shouldn’t have to press many buttons like a programmer. With only few buttons, you should be able to get rid of any junks.

  • Ask for reference

Before you go for any software, make sure you ask people around you such as friends, relatives, and colleagues. They might have had an experience about the software which can help your decision about the software. You can always rely on online rating but listening to this review from someone close you know makes it more reliable or not. And never go for any software that is reported to be fake by any of these people.

  • Microsoft certified partner

There are many benefits attached to working with a Microsoft certified partner. They help provide you with the highest level of expertise, hand-on skills, strategic thinking among others. These set of people have access to Microsoft support at every time of the day and they must have already passed a test developed by Microsoft. So they know more about such software and can help you decide or pull the strings where needed.

It is not about only getting a cleaner for your pc, it is about getting the right one. Follow these tips carefully and you would not regret it.