When you buy a new computer you are taken aback for a while because of its fast processing speeds and great graphic rendering. However, as you continue using it for day to day purposes, you see that the battery tends to lag as well as the interface becomes clumsy in the overall usage. This can happen over a period of a few weeks or it can happen in a few months but one thing is for sure, it is bound to happen. It does not matter what operating system do you use on regular basis, Windows, Linux, OS X, or something else, computers have a tendency of slowing down eventually to a point that it is just stressful and inconvenient for you to work on.

Luckily, the cause of these problems is well known and it is easy to solve these problems by adopting a few simple measures. Let us look at the cause of your computer slowing down. When you use your computer for performing a task it accesses it RAM (Random Access Memory) and when you save a file to recover it later it is saved on the ROM (Read-only Memory). During normal usages, the computer often writes back and forth between the RAM and the ROM to function properly. In doing so it does several complicated calculations. Something as simple as typing a letter on your keyboard actually requires quite a lot of processing power. When you are working on the computer, the computer generates its own temporary files to perform the calculation faster. These files accumulate over time in the deep parts of your computer and slow it down.

A simple way to avoid your computer from slowing down is to download and use a Free PC Cleaner software that will remove these unnecessary temporary files from the system and hence allow it to function with the necessary amount of speed. This can be either done automatically or can be also done manually depending upon the type of software you are using. Hence, it is important to use a well-recognized PC Cleaner software in order to ensure that your computer works just fine.